Put WordPress inside a community

We all know that WordPress land is a wonderful place to express yourself... but that it can be mighty lonely, at times. Unless you're an A-blogger, you often find yourself on an island.

You post a tweet, you link to Facebook, you advertise your blog in a web forum... but comments and discussion can be as rare as stardust.

That's where Friendica comes in. This isn't the place to tell you everything about Friendica. So essentially, let's put it this way: Friendica is a free, non-commercial and highly decentralised social networking platform. You run it on your own server (every bit as easy to install as WordPress) or join a small server maintained by a friend. At a pinch, there are even public servers to sign up on. You own your own data. Private is private. You can read more here:

No, okay... that's a bit abstract. Let's try again: Imagine Facebook talking to everyone you know, members and non-members alike. People on Diaspora. Friends on Twitter. People writing blogs and even people who ref... show more
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I would imagine so, yes. There's something specific about every service that uses the API from all I can tell. The WordPress plugin works with WordPress, but you could take a look at the blogger plugin for other services like Drupal etc. You need to copy it, rename it and adapt it for the platform you're trying to work with - but that's coding work. Fortunately, you don't need to code to use WordPress with Friendica. ;-) There's not even very much to configure.
I do this all the time. I've even gone as far as using multiple copies of the WordPress plugin to post to up to half a dozen blogs with one click (obviously, where relevant - you can post to one, some, or all of them). Dead easy too - it's a simple edit/replace job if you need mutliple blogs with one post.

I get infinity times more comments on Friendica than on WordPress too - I often get no comments at all on the blog, but tens of them here. Normally, a blog relies on people finding it. If you use Friendica, your blog can find it's readers for itself - all you have to do is cross post to a relevant group that already has subscribers.

You even get people resharing your blog posts if they're particularly good.
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