wordpress ostatus plugin

has anyone here tried this?

Wordpress: WordPress › OStatus for WordPress " WordPress Plugins

another way to connect Friendica and Wordpress possibly?
(eg for comments, etc)
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Yep, it's being off topic that pisses people off, not selling stuff.

I mean "WordPress" is a pretty specific area. It doesn't cover other blogs, nevermind SEO.

It's not that the content is evil - three of us have joined in, which is actually pretty good for a small forum - it's that it's been sent to the wrong group.
For me the issue is about relevance not about selling (or not). The article contains useful information, and I wrote it to publicise my services as well as provide the useful information which it contains. It contains an advert, as opposed to being an advert.

I agree it wasn't relevant enough to be posted in @ WordPress.
time to revamp an aging and somewhat broken blog section here on spraci and looking at various possible existing platforms with nice UI for blogs to integrate for users (so each user can have their own blog)

It looks like Wordpress is now faster and lighter on ram compared to a few years ago
and there are now also plugins for file caching. (a must for a busy site on almost any platform)
so now looking at it again!

I'm looking for suggestions/tips/etc for setting up WP so that users could have their own blogs.
(fairly deep integration for an existing site and existing users/login system/etc)

the multisite stuff looks interesting but seems like overkill for just letting users have their own blogs
.. but maybe I just don't know enough about that yet to say...
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I was a bit curious about Buddypress too but no it (and pretty much everything else I've seen so far) does not even come close to what Friendica can do in terms of connectivity and though some form of Federation might be possible with the ostatus plugin it would be relatively limited compared with friendica's wide ranging support for networks, protocols, visibility options, privacy, etc.
Nor was I expecting more - I've seen a few Buddypress sites, but not yet seen one doing any federation beyond just pulling in the occasional rss feed.

Thats is not the reason I'm trying it out.

I'm thinking about possible replacements for the blog section on spraci - this is a different part of spraci to those parts running on Friendica code, and has been partially broken for some time. For a blog section, Wordpress clearly deserves a look, that is it's specialty and its roots, and the wide range of plugins is of course appealing.

Also I want to check out some of those event calendar plugins - starting to see a few of them mention ical federation for events.

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You might want to talk to @Fabio Comuni - he already started on blogs for Friendica, though I've got no idea how far he got. On a site the size of yours, the extra traffic from blogs on top of Friendica might be painful though - this might be something more suited for the small personal servers Friendica was designed for.

WordPress Hacks

Know any WordPress hacks, tips and tricks? Add them as a comment and I'll include them here for everyone.

Easier WordPress Debugging
You can edit "wp-config.php" to enable debugging (i.e. with "define('WP_DEBUG', true);") but this has two disadvantages:
1) Anyone visiting your website will see the debugging information, which will make it unsightly, look broken and maybe unusual.
2) You have to edit wp-config.php to use it, and again to turn it offer when you're done

Here is simple solution to display errors only when a debug=debug parameter is found on the url. So to debug a page you modify the URL like this:

To enable this, edit your wp-config.php and include the following:

if ( isset($_GET['debug']) && $_GET['debug'] == 'debug') define('WP_DEBUG', true);

Actually, it would be safer to change the "$_GET['debug']" values to use a different variable name known only to... show more

HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

A few battles with CSS but I have a new client's #WordPress #theme looking good. They wanted it like their old #HTML site.. nearly done! @WordPress @WPBeginner - WordPress for Beginners

Check it out...
Old HTML website:
New WordPress site:

(Still debugging, so not everything works or looks right yet but its nearly there).

The future of blogging

I'm not going to ponder whether blogging has a future – because I obviously think it has one. People still feel a need to present their more structured or definite thoughts in one place, distinct from the places where they pose questions, copy cartoons, tell jokes or provoke spontaneous discussions about right-wing infiltration of Occupy. This contribution, for instance, is going to be cross-posted to my WordPress blog – whereas 99% of what I (and most others) contribute on social networks doesn't strike me as begging for any degree of immortality at all.

But blogs have definitely ceased to occupy the territory many people somewhat naively continue to associate with them. What they once almost were is something they no longer much resemble: alternative publications as standalone entities somehow mimicking the traditional media – but full of fresh impetus and surprise. That's still what they look like, but it's not what they do.

In reality, except for the chosen few, blogs don't get read or commented unless they are part of a communica... show more
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About the comment spam, I can't say my website is super visited or anything, far from that, but I can say that I manage to avoid most spams and that without any JS, captcha, login or any other obstacle to the user.

I think the biggest obstacle for people like me at least in participating in the conversation is not mainly the "priest" concept, it's mostly that you need to bend over quite a lot.. By that I mean as before, JS, captcha, login (to the site or via Facebook), etc etc. The Webesphere is less and less an open friendly place.

I agree with foonetic on the annoyance of bad JavaScript, it's everywhere and it's so annoying that if I end up on a webpage that contains exactly what I am looking for, but I need to click to get the JS overlay away, I'll close the page instead.

I also have to agree with foonetic on the issues of short URLs, that's something I've blogged about, but also wrote to ORG (open rights group) many many times. They'd send emails with stuff like "write to your MP" and they'd have short urls in there.. . in an HTML email ! It makes no s... show more
I think most of the readership of my blogs are people who find an article through a google (or other) search for a topic. Like, say someone is looking for stuff about .djvu, and finds my article with the script to convert plain text to djvu, or something. I do not believe I have any regular readership.
There was a time when blogging communities, like livejournal, were quite lively, though. Livejournal was really, for me, the first "social network", and it was once awesome.

Put WordPress inside a community

We all know that WordPress land is a wonderful place to express yourself... but that it can be mighty lonely, at times. Unless you're an A-blogger, you often find yourself on an island.

You post a tweet, you link to Facebook, you advertise your blog in a web forum... but comments and discussion can be as rare as stardust.

That's where Friendica comes in. This isn't the place to tell you everything about Friendica. So essentially, let's put it this way: Friendica is a free, non-commercial and highly decentralised social networking platform. You run it on your own server (every bit as easy to install as WordPress) or join a small server maintained by a friend. At a pinch, there are even public servers to sign up on. You own your own data. Private is private. You can read more here:

No, okay... that's a bit abstract. Let's try again: Imagine Facebook talking to everyone you know, members and non-members alike. People on Diaspora. Friends on Twitter. People writing blogs and even people who ref... show more
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I do this all the time. I've even gone as far as using multiple copies of the WordPress plugin to post to up to half a dozen blogs with one click (obviously, where relevant - you can post to one, some, or all of them). Dead easy too - it's a simple edit/replace job if you need mutliple blogs with one post.

I get infinity times more comments on Friendica than on WordPress too - I often get no comments at all on the blog, but tens of them here. Normally, a blog relies on people finding it. If you use Friendica, your blog can find it's readers for itself - all you have to do is cross post to a relevant group that already has subscribers.

You even get people resharing your blog posts if they're particularly good.
A couple of comments from me are missing in this thread as it stands right now, because I made a mistake reorganising my contacts list and accidentally deleted the WordPress forum. :-( That was incredibly stupid of me, but shouldn't reflect on anything else.

Further up the top, I told Alex Bruland that this is a demo site and later that there is also an addon for WordPress itself: ... which works the other way round by posting from a WordPress site to a Friendica account.

Later, I answered the Marquis that the various platforms using the XMLRPC API all seem to have their specifics. The WordPress plugin only works for WordPress, as far as I know.

Welcome to WordPress

... a place to discuss WordPress blogging.

It's also a place for WordPress users to experience the power of Friendica as an integrative networking platform. Embed a WordPress blog in Friendica and you have almost instant access to a comment community including specialist forums.

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